Loud & Blowing Shankh (White) for Pooja/Pujan (pujabhandar)
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  • 100% Authentic Original Blowing White Shankh. Blowing Shank requires some skill and practice which can be learnt easily
  • Size, texture & color may vary due to natural properties due to photography lighting.
  • Loud and Soothing Sound, Right Hand Shankh, Color: White
  • Blowable Right Hand Shankh for laxmi pooja, ganesh pooja, durga pooja, navratri pooja & all rituals.

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The blowing of a conch shell enhances the positive psychological vibrations such as courage, determination, hope, optimism, willpower and bliss can be felt by all people assembled and also by the blower.As soon as the Shank is blown the frequencies of divine energy (Shakti) are emitted into atmosphere due to sound generated. If a person holds a conch shell to his ear, the sound of the ocean humming gently can be heard. It is actually the natural vibration or cosmic energy of the earth that gets magnified on entering the conch shell. The moment Shank is blown our brain is emptied of all thoughts. Invariably we will enter state of Tran’s state where we are very receptive. This Trans state is the one with awareness. You are so occupied in mind that only way to awaken you is with a Shock. The blowing of shank makes the atmosphere holy and pure and conducive for the spiritual growth of the individual.

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